First Posts

Man, what a challenge.

How does one begin a blog? Do I introduce myself? That doesn’t seem right, especially when I have an about me section. Frankly that seems quite redundant. Not to mention it will just get buried by subsequent posts, and anyone who bothers to read through the archives would undoubtedly be disappointed to find something as simple as an introduction.

Do I jump right in to the topic at hand? Well, shoot I don’t even have a topic. My topic is whatever I’m thinking about for that post. Now I’m just thinking about how it’s late and how I really wish I was asleep. That’s not really interesting. I can’t even doodle anything for that, save for maybe a bed which I wish was being better utilized by myself.

I suppose like most works of writing a good beginning serves to hook people into wanting to read more. But it doesn’t exactly work that way in a blog, the first post is only the first¬† for a short time, or maybe a long time depending on how dutiful I am updating this blog.So really every post has to be intriguing or the whole thing is bunk. Oh man, this doesn’t bode well so far.

Well, maybe I can come up with a better first post tomorrow. Beginnings are so hard. I should just skip to the end where all the excitement and profound business is. Sounds like a plan, we’ll just cut out the beginning and middle, and get to the good stuff. Alright, more to come.

Because of how blogs are published this is currently the beginning and the end. This is a single dot. Tomorrow it will be a line. In a year, might even be a parallelogram.



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