An Ode to Burritos

I think Burritos just may be the finest culinary creation mankind has created.

That’s a bold statement.

But think about it, think about all the advantages and benefits a burrito offers. I’ma list them just so we’re all on the same page:

1) Mobile – In this age of technology mobility is everything. Laptops, smart phones, tablets, we take everything with us, ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Burritos are the perfect mobile food, they’re individually wrapped and roughly the circumference of a human hand, perfect for easy transport.

Now, I can hear you saying, lots of foods are mobile, like hamburgers. That’s true, but hamburgers are usually always greasy and full of condiments which splurt out all over you when you take a bite. Burritos are not greasy, and all the messyness is enclosed within the protective tortilla skin. No mustard is going to come shooting out of your burrito (why do you even have mustard on your burrito? You’re weird.)

2) Customization – They are customizable by their very nature, how many times do you just order a plain burrito? There are so many options like the meat, the veggies, the salsa, the extra condiments. Each burrito is customized to the desires of the person ordering it, you don’t need to make no compromise when you get a burrito.

3) Adaptability – Burritos aren’t all built the same, hell you can get a burrito with no tortilla (if you’re watching the carbs.) Furthermore, burritos can serve any function; they can be separated into half of quarters for snacks, or they can be a whole meal to themselves.

4) Versatility – Burritos are a super food, they can encompass everything; meat, vegetables, starches, dairy, protein, fats, carbohydrates, spices, flavor, love. As mentioned in point 3, they can work as a meal all by themselves.

Basically, no matter what your goal in life is, you should be eating burritos. It just makes sense.


Burritos: Out of this world.


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