About the Scatterbrog

Hello ya’ll. This here is my personal blog. On these pages you’ll find posts about a variety of topics I’m interested in writing about; everything from the sweet sciences to automobiles to food and politics and philosophy, I’ll dabble in it all.

As the blog title suggests, I’m a bit of a scatterbrain, and so it’s only appropriate and fair that my blog reflect that.

To misquote Robert Heinlein:

“A writer should be able to craft a quotation, cover any sporting event, report on the stock market, create a delicious recipe, design a computer manual, transcribe a meeting between two foreign leaders, script a play, spell dissonance, engineer a sophisticated mystery, describe a historical age, build an entire world from scratch, generate thoughts in their readers and bastardize a famous quotation to suit his own selfish needs. Specialization is for insects.”

Also I doodle, so there’ll be some fun pictures on most of the posts.

Stay a while, won’t you? Please, I’d like readers.


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